Creightive Solutions

Creightive Solutions (cre8tive) | JR0034355-H ;  A creative website design agency built on the passion on creativity to deliver something different from the norm and  really love to share our ideas and help you to move your business forward.  Creightive Solutions website design agency.

Our background

We are a 100% bumiputera company carrying the business concept on the internet. We offers graphic and multimedia services from website development to creating animation & video.


Founded from a sole proprietorship company as early as 2004 that led to the activity of graphic design, website and software development and consultancy.

A Digital Agency

Handling our business using latest technology available.


Forward Thinking

We tend to figure how we handle things, before it happens.


Problem Solvers

Come to us with a problem, we move our creativity to give the solutions.


Customer Support

We never let our customers on their own after sales.


How we’re doing?

Based on information gathered from our target audience. This is how our customer rate us. Feel free to test us on a project and see for yourself. 😉

– Creightive Solutions website design agency

  • Brand Strategy 85%
  • Internet Marketing 75%
  • App Development 65%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Andrie Ahmad

Andrie Ahmad

Founder, Creightive Manager, Designer

Andrie is described by others as gritty, hungry to learn, humble and visionary – but his passion is what truly defines and elevates him. He wants to leave this earth known as a leader who empowers others to be better than him. Whether he’s talking about how amazing the spoken-word artist he saw last week was or a new social enterprise he just heard about, he  can’t help but gush. He’s one of the lucky ones to be born with fire, and he works daily to channel it for good.
Mohamad Rezza

Mohamad Rezza

Graphic Designer

Rezza joined our team in February 2014 as a Junior Designer. Although new to the web Rezza brought with him a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design and excellent print industry experience. Rezza quickly got to grips with designing for web and has since matured into a talented web designer with a great all round skillset and a very bright future.
Nore Syafiqah

Nore Syafiqah

Accountant, Project manager, Web Programmer

Nore believes in the human spirit and everything it is capable of. Passionate about learning, Nore’s roles have ranged from coordinator to planner to financial analyst to girl scout troop leader. When she’s not listening to the compassion of the community and helping it to forge ahead at Creightive Solutions, you will find her dancing in her living room, eating cookies, and laughing as much as possible.
Mohd Farid Isa

Mohd Farid Isa

Software Engineer

With more than six years of experience in software development, Farid is our committed and enthusiastic Software Engineer from Muar. He has worked in several projects involving very large databases and high performance web applications. Interested in world history and sociology (and also in Pokémon and Dragon Ball), he likes to work for social causes trying to satisfy his compromise to make the world a better place.